Corporate Wellness Program

corporate wellness programMBJ Health and Fitness Corporate Wellness Program via Cranial Release Technique® (CRT)  benefits both employers and employees.   The corporate wellness program helps to reduce employee absenteeism and provides opportunities for healthier employees by reducing their stress levels.  CRT is a procedure that  can performed in under 10 minutes, which brings balance and wellness into the body, reduces and alleviates (in many cases) the symptoms of chronic headache sufferers, and any stress-induced injury or illness, fatigue, etc.  Cranial Release Technique® (CRT) is found beneficial for many industries, especially those who have employees that spend alot of time on the computer or doing repetitive motions. CRT helps to alleviate tightness and pressure from the cranial, neck and shoulder areas, as well relieving stress throughout the entire body.

CRT helps employees to stay more alert and focused throughout their day, thereby improving employee performance.  It also boosts employee morale as many individuals feel less stressed, which creates a more positive work environment.  Stress is accountable for 90% of our body’s illness and injuries.

As one of only 600 certified CRT technicians in the world, I feel blessed to be able to bring this beneficial technique to individuals and corporations throughout the Tampa Bay area. Cranial Release Technique® has proven to be an effective, non-invasive and holistic tool to provide relief, helping people regain their active, productive lives again.

As a health and wellness professional, I believe in assisting my clients to feel, look and perform their best. It is so easy for people to get stressed out. When stress is held in the body for any extended amount of time, the body is quickly compromised and prone to injury and illness. Stress manifests as migraines, chronic headaches, mental/physical fatigue, arthritis, fibromyagia, chronic fatigue syndrome, poor quality/lack of sleep, balance issues, poor digestion, repetitive strain injuries, brain fog, etc.

Cranial Release Technique® is a natural, hands-on technique that allows the body to heal, repair, and regenerate itself. It releases tension in the cranium, spine, pelvis, shoulders, hips, knees and all connective fascia. It brings balance to the nervous system, and has far-reaching positive effect on the overall body function.

I believe that given the right tools and guidance, the body has the natural ability to heal, rebalance, and restore itself, as it is designed to do. Cranial Release Technique® is the ultimate tool to achieve your optimum health, naturally.